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Born in France of English parents, I lived and went to school there until the age of 18, when I decided to study Modern Languages at the University of Surrey in England. This unconventional environment enables me to be fluent in French and English, whether it be oral or written.  

My passion for languages led me to study more, and thanks to my university degree, I also master German and Spanish at a high-level.  

Meticulous and passionate, I turned to translation. Today, as a professional translator, I only translate into my native languages, French and English, to ensure clear and precise translations. 

My professional journey led me to practise my profession as an in-house translator for a couple of years as well as launching my own translation business. I also work as a freelance for individuals, businesses, and NGOs. These experiences as well as my linguistic skills have made me capable of working under pressure and still providing a serious service. 

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As a bilingual person, I am lucky to be able to translate both from and into my mother tongues, which are English and French. This allows me to grasp the full meaning of the source text and render the same ideas and values in the translation.


I am also fluent in written and spoken German (Germany) and Spanish (Spain) thanks to my studies. ​In 2017, I graduated from the University of Surrey (UK) with a German & Spanish degree with 1st class Honours.

Here are the language pairs I work in:

  • French - English

  • English - French



During my time as a freelance and in-house translator, I have built relationships with both companies and direct clients worldwide. I have had the opportunity to translate a wide range of texts:
  • Marketing: flyers, press kit, brochures, advertisements, product labels, catalogues
  • Communication: websites, social media posts, blog articles, tutorials, press articles
  • Lifestyle: cosmetics, personal care, ecological transition, decoration, fashion
  • Business documents: contracts, prices lists, charters, terms and conditions
  • Leisure and tourism: restaurant menus, travel websites and guides
  • NGO: reports, articles, and research in the field of environment, agriculture, hunger crisis, humanitarian aid, advocacy
  • Society: social topics such as feminism and ethnicity
  • Academic documents: theses, proposals, CVs, and cover letters
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